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Army Awards the Nova Team a Call For Fire Trainer (CFFT) Contract

Project Manager Special Operations Forces Training Systems (PM STS) recently awarded the Nova Team a CFFT III Single Award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract (ID/IQC). The CFFT III ID/IQC will provide for the management, design, production, integration, testing, documentation, delivery, and installation of the CFFT family of systems. The CFFT III ID/IQC has a $45M ceiling.

TJ Inc is a teammate to Prime Contractor Nova Technologies who is developing the CFFT family of systems. TJ Inc’s responsibilities include designing and manufacturing the Simulated Military Equipment (SMEs), assembling the CFFT hardware, developing the logistics documentation and production drawings, installing the training devices in the field, performing on-site training, and providing Interim Contractor Support (ICS).

The CFFT III systems are the U.S. Army’s choice for training the proper procedures to call Indirect Fire support including artillery support and mortar support, Naval Surface Fire Support, and Type I, II and III terminal attack controls for Close Air Support (CAS). This effort will procure CFFT III systems which will expand the training capabilities to include Forward Observers (FO), Joint Fires Observers (JFO), and Joint Close Air Support (JCAS). The CFFT systems will utilize the Joint Fires Product Line (JFPL) architecture and processes, which will provide a family of systems that consists of the following:

CFFT III Classroom Configurations: The classroom configurations are designed to train and enhance skills for US Armed Forces personnel (Warfighters, Soldiers, Crews and Units) in delivery of fires while placed in a combined arms environment. There are three (3) classroom configurations and three (3) variants. The classroom configurations include: one instructor to four students (1:4), one instructor to twelve students (1:12), and one instructor to thirty students (1:30). The three (3) variants are: Enhanced Display (ED), Joint Close Air Support (JCAS), and Mobile Team Trainer (MTT).

CFFT III Immersive Modules: The immersive modules create a dynamic, immersive, virtual environment by putting the Warfighter in a simulated battlefield environment. The modules include individual and team training systems oriented on teaching the cognitive skills required by the Warfighters. The modules include: Adaptive Full Spectrum Module (AFSM), Urban Terrain Module (UTM), Close Air Support Module (CASM), Fires Effects Cell Module (FECM), and After Action Review Module (AARM).

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